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Founder's Message
Deepak Foundation

In order to define our country, we may talk about our culture, our traditions, the story of our human Society, the events that have shaped our collective consciousness or point to economic indicators that tell us whether and how our lives are changing for better or for worse, and  to some degree tell us what the future is going to be like.


But beyond all of this, the future of our country is equally determined and characterized by our souls, our hopes, our ideas and our dreams.


Education is a common denominator in all things that define a nation. We take inspiration from the past in order to build the future and develop our abilities today on the foundation stones of hopes, convictions, ideas and dreams. 


Armed with a wide range of experiences, DeepJyoti School is a humble offering of Deepak Foundation to the society to prepare our children for the changing world and face the challenges of the future.


It is my belief, that early childhood education - the first stage of education where the foundation of lifelong learning is laid, is extremely crucial to building a sustainable society. We must approach Education more creatively than ever before and make the learning process more engaging for our children and ensure that the 'Journey is the Reward.'


I wish DeepJyoti School and its team all the success in the years to come. May we grow to spread the light of knowledge, awakening and consciousness for a better tomorrow.

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