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This stage caters to the youngest and the most prolific learners. Their learning profile at this stage is primarily experiential and sensory - based or concrete. At this stage, children need to be handled with a lot of tenderness, care and affection and the focus would be to provide learning opportunities through practical activities and play. Language competency development would also be a major thrust in these years.


This learning stage is characterized by a more organized and logical thought process. At this stage, children are able to take information at hand and begin to make comparisons and evaluations and arrive at conclusions. To optimize learning at this stage, children would be encouraged to learn by doing, observing their surroundings and engaging with their environment through inquiry.


The expression stage is the stage at which the thought process of the learner becomes freer of concrete reality and hence students can be taught abstract concepts by incorporating the principles of formal logic. At this stage the learner is able to reflect on his learning, create extensions, hypothesis and theories around it and internalize it. Thus the focus is to give the learner opportunities for expression and wider application of his learning.


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